Inspection & Expediting

Sipex acts as a “Second Party Inspection Company”, representing the EPCs’ for inspection and expediting purposes in almost all industrial areas of the World.

These services include:

  • Preparation of the Project “ITPs” (Inspection and Test Plans) for each type of Materials;
  • Review and Approval of “QCPs” (Quality Control Plans) submitted by Suppliers;
  • Expediting visits to Suppliers and sub-Suppliers in order to keep under control the Suppliers’ contractual obligations regarding submission of documentation, Quality and delivery dates;
  • Intermediate and Final Inspection visits in order to ensure that Client/Project Quality Requirements are fully met.

All our inspectors have more than 20 years’ experience in their discipline and have the required Qualifications.

QC – Coordination and Supervision

Our personnel can be relocated according to Customer’s needs, both at Customer’s Offices or at site in order to carry out the following activities:

  • to collect the inputs for the Inspectors;
  • to check that the “Quality Documentation” is approved by the Customer prior to proceeding with the Inspections;
  • to instruct the Inspectors who will be attending the tests;
  • to review and approve the “Inspection Reports and Certificates”.

Project material coordination
We provide this type of Service either by creating a Team in our offices or by re-locating the personnel at Customer’s Offices in order to follow up the progress of the different Suppliers from the placement of the Purchase Order until Materials Delivery, keeping always updated the “Project Status Report” and highlighting the criticalities until a satisfactory solution is found.

Technical support for the preparation of the final dossier
We provide this type of Service either from our offices or by re-locating our personnel at our Customer’s offices. We prepare the “Final Dossier” by collecting & reviewing all the Test Certificates and Test Reports delivered by the various Suppliers/Manufacturers. Such documents are then organized in Files to be submitted to the Final Customer.

Site supervision
Quality coordination and supervision activity performed through the assignment of our personnel on-site.